Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August: Skill Training Update

Jinx has finally broke the 30 Million Skill-point barrier!
One of the highlights is the  Gunnery  with 22.71% overall percentage points,   12 Level 4 Skills and 8 Level 5 Skills.
With the total gained of 7,006,513 SP.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Some Comments from Oveur:

Recently I have had an opportunity to ask Oveur, the big ‘honcho’ at CCP, some questions. Bellow is a transcript of my 'personal' Q&A.

Question: What about Developer chats? I know that allot of changes have taken place regarding the format and place to hold them. Will they ever come back?
Dev chats are returning, although in changed form. We have also hired Wrangler as assistant community manager so there should be more room in the schedule to do them.

Question: Regarding the issue of old and 'defunct' corporation in EVE. Are there any plans to delete them and release the tickers?
We actually have been getting quite a lot of requests about the older corps. We never delete corporations or characters so it is a very big policy change for us. Perhaps it’s the right time. After more than 1 million account created and god know how many corporation started, it’s probably time, since about 800.000 of those are trial accounts over a three year period, there is a lot in there which could probably be deleted.

Question: The upcoming expansion codenamed Kali and the issues of 'Factional' warfare. Will there be a possibility for players to 'redeem' themselves, if, and once they have reached the [-5] standing with their enemies?
Regarding Factional Warfare it’s too early to tell how – or if at all – you will be able to redeem yourself. EVE is a game of consequences (or more correctly, we try to have it such) and I’m not convinced we should add further measures than are already in there today for you to gain standing. However, there are things which can help, which would be ways in general to increase negative standing that we might look into, but certainly nothing of the likes of amnesty. However, it remains to be seen how severe the consequences are and against whom. This is not something that sets you to -10 towards the empires and everything belonging to it, not at all, this is “sanctioned civilized warfare” as such. If there ever is such a thing.

Question: Any comments on the 'Player Housing' and Small/Personal POS? I know it is on the drawing board.
We’re far from abandoning the smaller and personal player owned structures. I can’t tell you anything concrete at this point in time, I have a lot of other projects and promises I have to get done first and I’m afraid I can only pull so much out of my sleeve now and again.


Well, after a long while I am finally able to fly a 'HAC' or Heavy Assult Cruiser. This thing eats through missions like a hot knife through butter, simply amazing.

Bellow are some specs:

Hull: Caracal Class
Role: Heavy Assault Ship
No cruiser currently in existence can match the superiority
of the Cerberus's onboard missile system. With a
well-trained pilot jacked in, this fanged horror is capable of
unleashing a hail of missiles to send even the most
seasoned armor tankers running for cover.
Developer: Lai Dai
Moving away from their traditionally balanced all-round
designs, Lai Dai have created a very specialized - and
dangerous - missile boat in the Cerberus. Many have
speculated that due to recent friction between Caldari
megacorporations, LD may be looking to beef up their own
police force with these missile-spewing monstrosities.

Caldari Cruiser Skill Bonus:
5% bonus to Kinetic Missile

damage and 10% bonus to Missile velocity per level

Heavy Assault Ship Skill Bonus:
10% bonus Light and

Heavy Missile flight time and 5% bonus to Missile Launcher
rate of fire per level

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Latest Skill-Points Breakdown:

Category Name Pct% 0's 1's 2's 3's 4's 5's Category Total
Corporation Management 00.01% 1 1 1 0 0 0 2,191
Electronics 08.34% 0 0 1 2 3 3 1,483,538
Engineering 14.27% 0 1 0 1 9 4 2,538,498
Gunnery 05.24% 0 0 5 3 2 1 931,373
Industry 01.44% 0 1 0 0 0 1 256,250
Leadership 00.04% 0 0 0 1 0 0 8,000
Learning 10.25% 0 0 0 0 4 5 1,823,060
Mechanic 01.57% 0 0 0 2 0 1 280,000
Missile Launcher Operation 21.40% 0 0 0 0 11 2 3,806,804
Navigation 06.58% 0 0 0 1 4 2 1,170,100
Science 04.85% 0 0 1 0 2 1 862,753
Social 00.26% 0 0 2 5 0 0 47,072
Spaceship Command 25.75% 0 1 1 3 7 4 4,579,976

1 4 11 18 42 24 17,789,615

1% 4% 11% 18% 42% 24%

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Well, I bit the bullet and sold my Caldari Navy Issue Raven today. Truth be told, this wasn’t such a big deal since I got the Blueprint Copy for this ship from a silly industrial pilot who tried to sneak it into empire.

I did, however, put the ISK to good use, I bought a Rattlesnake, a Guristas Pirates flag battleship a nice new toy to do missions in and kill stuff.

Once I get it all setup I shall add the information regarding modules and how well she kills.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Recently, on the EVE forums someone brought up an idea of small player owned habitats. I have often put the above-mentioned idea forth myself, however, until now it met with a rather limited success. In any event, after some prolonged discussion I have had a chance to actually point one of the developers toward the thread. To my great satisfaction the idea has been picked up by the developers of EVE, and it is currently on the “Drawing Board.” This made me very happy indeed.

Bellow I am publishing a summary of the discussion, and I shall be coming back to this subject, time permitting, when I have more news and ideas to add.

General Summary:
  1. Habitat/Structure can be anchored anywhere in space, in any sovereignty, with one exception, Empire. In Empire, they cannot be anchored in .9-1.0 systems. Others suggested that they should be placed in Dead Space Pockets Only. I personally lean toward restricting them in High Security Empire systems. Thus, allowing people in 0.0 through 0.8 own a structure.

  2. Habitats should have High/Med/Low slot layout, like a ship, thus utilising internal PG/CPU to control the devices like guns, missile batteries and cloaking devices, etc. In other words they will be a single, self-sustained unit, there will be no need to anchor additional devices, at least not in the beginning.

  3. Perhaps the Habitat constructs can be upgraded, by using finite and mineable materials. Perhaps even incorporate T2 components into it, or some sort of POS producible, to further support the expanding POS markets. Perhaps allow for PG/CPU upgrades.

  4. Habitat units should not be invulnerable to an attack. They should be susceptible to a conventional warfare tactics, not unlike like battleships, cruisers and frigates.
    They should be a legitimate war-target, if the owner is in a corporation at war. They should be able to defend themselves, but cannot go into a “reinforced” mode or anything like that. Others argue that they should be able to go into reinforced mode & require Calthrates to sustain.

  5. They have to be locatable via scan-probing and so forth. But should not show up as a warpable object in the scanner. Unless, the cloaking device is malfunctioning – then the habitat can become a “subspace phenomena” and can be warped to.

  6. They should also have some sort of functionality other than a “home in space”. Perhaps with adequate upgrades (see #3) they can have small refining and reprocessing and even repair facility. They could become permanent, but then they would be susceptible to attacks by other players if in 0.0 or low security areas, as well as war target in Empire. However, in Alliance controlled territories they as good as indestructible, since they are, theoretically, under the protection of the alliance force.

  7. Habitat should have a limited amount of storage Space. Some people suggested a 5,000m/3 for a small one, and up to 50,000m/3 for a large unit. Thus, they should vary by size and accommodate appropriate vessels accordingly. However, upon further discussion it seems that the above numbers are rather limited and should be looked at. After scanning through some threads it would appear that most people prefer 1 Mill/m3 for a Small one, and up to 5-7 Mill/m3 for a "Large" Habitat.

  8. Habitats can be “designed” to accommodate appropriate uses, or uses according to wishes of their designer. They can vary in appearance, fairly easy to pull off with the game like EVE, and thus have unique qualities accorded to them by a designer: Hollowed out Asteroids, Discarded Spaceship hulks, things used in construction of it like depleted station batteries and what not. Basically make them look like Minmatar ships (my apologies to Minmatar, I couldn’t help myself). Some suggested that the construction of the can be done in stages, where special ship-type, perhaps, can be used, and a modable BPO can be released and "tweaked" by those who desire to improve on the "standard" design.

    At some point it would be possible to develop a profession out of it: A habitat designer/builder. Perhaps all corporations that choose to specialise in such endeavours, can come to a point where they can actually patent their design via blueprint copies. We all know that most efficient design vs. use info will spread quickly. Perhaps create special Habitat Construction Modules for POS owners who can then build them and sell them to the rest of us. At the same time it might create a market for a faction owned POS that can be rented for the design/build purposes by those who do not have access to a POS

  9. One should be able to secure the habitat from entry by other players. Perhaps with specifically set password one can dock, as can his friends. At the same time, and I just thought of it, when Habitats are destroyed by an adversary they should drop some portion of the loot currently held within them. Just like when the ship is destroyed it drops a can with stuff. Also a great new field for legitimate corporate spies and thieves to foray their strengths.

  10. Some people want them to use fuel to power up the components or keep the battery charged or something. Others want the habitats not use any fuel – unless they are engaged in combat. Fuel involved, or rather according to posts, the desired fuel ranges from POS standard isotopes and Caltrates, to regular maintenance of the Habitat with Consumer Products and common minerals. This is a pretty wide-ranging debate.

    Further info on Ownership and Transfer Logistics:

    Everyone far agreed that limiting number of habitats per system could be another great thing to do. It will ferment discontent and wars, since people would want a nice spot. It will also support real Estate trade, where you can actually sell a Habitat to another player. Legitimate Real Estate trading can be performed via easily implemented voucher system. Lets say upon building a habitat you will have an ownership voucher, like a deed, something that would look very similar to Pirate Ship Logs. There will be information regarding the Habitat, all its stats, location, security level of the system, etc.

    At the same time, if the voucher is lost, if the owner carried the voucher in his cargohold and was blown up, there are two consequences:

    1) If voucher is destroyed, the habitat automatically self-destructs
    2) If the voucher is picked up by a new player/or the aggressor/whoever finds the can, he automatically becomes an owner of the habitat.

    In second case, the Habitat retains its password/security until a “new owner arrives”. Upon his attempt to dock, he must have the voucher in cargohold; he will be given an opportunity to change the password. Also, even though previous security measure were still in effect, including password, the former owner is still locked out of the habitat. It will prevent disgruntled victims from docking with their former property and cleaning it out or self-destructing it.

    And finally, having a voucher in the cargohold will allow the entrance into the Habitat password free. This could be useful in case of forgotten passwords - and it will expose vouchers to the possibility of being lost if you are attacked on the way.

    They could also be placed in the Escrow - where potential buyer can see the habitat information and gauge for himself if he wants to buy it. Thus making vouchers readable, but not useful if they are in Escrow, at least not until they are claimed and ownership is transferred. Again, Voucher in Cargohold=Password free entry will mean that the seller doesn’t have to do anything as far as security is concerned. A fact that the voucher is no longer in his possession automatically revokes his ownership while retaining habitat as secure for a new owner.

    In order to prevent Scams on Escrow, where an "Empty" voucher can be sold - in case habitat is no longer there, if it blew up or was destroyed or what not - the voucher would destroy itself as well. Thus two would be linked, if one goes so does the other. No way to scam people with "fake" vouchers.

    This will make peeps keep vouchers/deeds/titles as safe as their own BPOs


Most everyone agreed that Habitats must be limited in numbers per-system. There is a debate, however, as to a Security Rating of a system where Habitats should be allowed. On a System Security Issue, I would still go with the idea that even carebears in Empire must be allowed to have their rocks! However, I do believe that placing them in above .8 systems will cause undue hardship on the servers.

Regarding the number of Habitats per system, here is a suggestion. Lets take POS as an example. In theory, a POS can be anchored at ALL of the Moons orbiting the star in the system. So, if there are 20 Moons, then 20 POS' can be erected. As a starting premise lets presume that the number of habitats can be, should be, limited to the number of moons in the system. If CCP has created POS system, and allows them to be anchored at moons, we can safely assume that if Habitat number is limited to number of moons in the system - the lag issue should not arise.

Furthermore, the habitats ought to be RESTRICTED from being anchored near moons. That’s correct, I think the restriction is good, it will allow a proper POS development that would be un-hindered by Habitat expansion. The only reason we are talking about moons is to shake down a minimum number of Habitats per system.

Habitats Platforms, once build, will be taken out to the specific location and launched, very similar to how outposts building is designed. Once the Platform is launched, the owner of it shall hit an "Assemble" button or menu, and the process of construction will begin. Details can be worked out later.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The "Beast"

Well, recently I bought an Alienware “Laptop.” I am using the term “Laptop” rather loosely in this case – since the beast weighs at about 19Lbs. loaded. However, I must say that for my purpose it fits the bill. I only rarely travel, spending about nine months out of the year in UK and Summer in USA. I must admit, however, that this is indeed one of the best mobile systems I have ever owned. Hell, it will rival most desktops in performance. Anyway, I think I will cover the basics of running multiple accounts simultaneously here.

The main thing to remember is to create a separate directory /secondary instance of the client. I noticed that if you run the game from a single directory the CPU load is much greater, than if EVE runs from a separate location. It would further help if you have more than 1Gig of RAM, since we all know how CPU/RAM hungry the game is. You don’t need to do anything special to setup a second, or even a third, instance; just copy the original directory to a new location, create a shortcut and it is done.

Bellow are the specs of the machine I am currently using to run three separate instances.

Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition
Processors & Chipset:
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology
(3.6GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB Cache, Socket 775)
Intel 915P + ICH6 chipset
Graphics and Video:
NVIDIA GeForce GO 6800 with 256MB DDR3
2GB CORSAIR PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz.
Drive Bays:
24X/60X - CDRW/DVD
I/O Ports:
IEEE 1394: Two mini IEEE 1934a (4-pin) ports
USB: 4 Hi-speed USB 2.0 ports
Network: Integrated Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45
Modem: Integrated 56K V.92 modem RJ-11
Infrared: Infrared port for Data transfer
Internally accessible:
Dual 60GB Hitachi HDD/Raid: 0
Total 120GB.
LCD Panel:
17” WideXGA+ 1400x900 LCD Display

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Ships

In the time-honored tradition of pirates everywhere, Korako ‘Rabbit' Kosakami shamelessly stole the idea of the Scorpion-class battleship and put his own spin on it.

The result: the fearsome Rattlesnake, flagship of any large Gurista attack force. There are, of course, also those who claim things were the other way around; that the notorious silence surrounding the Scorpion's own origins is, in fact, an indication of its having been designed by Kosakami all along.
Special Ability:
50% bonus to Cruise Missile and Torpedo velocity

Caldari Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Cruise Missile & Torpedo ROF per level
Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to LG Hybrid Turret damage per level

The Navy Issue Raven represents the best the Caldari have to offer on the battlefield: an all-out assault vessel with tremendous electronic warfare capabilities.

Commissioned by Caldari Navy Special Operations Command a decade ago in response to a spate of coordinated Gurista attacks which threatened to decimate the populations of several planets in the Obe system, this hefty warship has since proven its worth many times over.
Special Ability:
5% bonus to Missile Launcher Rate Of Fire & 10% bonus to Missile Velocity per level of skill

The Cynabal was one of the earliest designs put forth by the Angel Cartel, and to this day it remains their most-used. The ship's origins are unknown, but as with most Cartel ships persistent rumors of Jovian influence continue to linger. Whether they have basis in reality or not, the facts are on the table: the Cynabal is the fastest, one of the most powerful cruisers to be found anywhere.

Special Ability:
25% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire

Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret damage per level Gallente Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret tracking speed per level

Red Moon Rising & Jump-Clones

Advent of RMR (Red Moon Rising) has brought us the next stage of capsuleer technology: Rapid Fleet Deployment. By combining advancements in pod and cloning technology, pilots are now able to "jump" instantaneously between clones without sacrificing skill points but leave the enhanced benefit of implants behind, provided that the clones are exact replicas of the originating specimen. This capability will facilitate the rapid transport and deployment of pilots to specially equipped "receiving" capital ships on or near the battlefield, irrespective of the pilot's current physical location.

Jumping to stations is also possible but Faction owned stations do not allow jumping to them unless the minimum 8.0 corporation and personal standings requirements are met. One thing to remember is that the owner of Outposts and Conquerable Stations control standings prerequisites. Only one (1) jump per 24 hours is allowed to prevent serious mental and physical harm to the mind and bodies. You have to have visited the location you want to jump to and install a clone there.

So, a little while ago I have gone out to a friend’s corporation and had installed four Jump-Clones myself. The restrictions placed on Jump-Clone installations are rather arduous. Not only must a pilot have an 8.0 standing with the clone-issuing corporation, the corporation to which the aforementioned pilot belongs must have at least an 8.0 standing. Thankfully my friend is running a “one-man show”, and has a high standing, above 8.0 with Federation Navy. It helped quite a bit to have my own standing with Federation Authorities of above 8.0.

Signature Contest Update:

As I have planned, here is an update on my signature contest. It wound up costing me a bit more than I have anticipated, but I think it was well worth it. The contest itself lasted for little over a week, due to some problems with EVE-Online website.

The Grand Prize winner has developed a very uncomplicated and smart signature. He was able to utilise humour and JB's insanity in a very simple but elegant form. At the same time he achieved a perfect balance between words and images. I liked the incorporation of pastel colours in combination with the retro Sci-Fi theme.

Winter Star won Grand Prize for the “An Accident Waiting To Happen” Signature.

The 2nd Prize-Winner has submitted a number of unique and riveting designs. He relied more on JB's obsession with cybernetics than retro Sci-Fi. He captured my desire to enhance JB with some mechanical uniqueness. As a result he chose to concentrate on the dichotomy of Man vs. Machine.

Traiben Mightius won Second Prize for the "Jinx Barker: Man or Machine?" Signature.

The 3rd Prize-Winner used a style ala The Goldmember, combining it with some other provided material. In this case Brother Benthor decided to incorporate a neo-retro style with Frankenstein.

Brother Benthor took the 3rd Prize, for "It's Aliveeeee!!" Signature.

And finally, Traiben Mightius for the “Rocket Man” Signature took the 4th prize.

March Skill-Points Brealdown:

Category Name Pct% 0's 1's 2's 3's 4's 5's Category Total
Corporation Management 00.02% 0 1 1 0 0 0 2,180
Electronics 10.99% 0 1 2 0 3 3 1,440,531
Engineering 11.30% 0 1 4 2 5 3 1,481,029
Gunnery 02.03% 0 0 6 2 2 0 266,094
Industry 01.95% 0 1 0 0 0 1 256,250
Leadership 00.06% 0 0 0 1 0 0 8,000
Learning 13.91% 0 0 0 0 4 5 1,823,060
Mechanic 02.08% 0 1 0 1 0 1 272,729
Missile Launcher Operation 19.86% 0 1 0 4 6 2 2,603,685
Navigation 08.93% 0 0 0 1 4 2 1,170,100
Science 06.28% 0 1 0 1 1 1 823,037
Social 00.35% 0 1 1 5 0 0 46,172
Spaceship Command 22.25% 0 0 1 5 5 3 2,917,426

0 8 15 22 30 21 13,110,293

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Article first published in the Gallente Financial Observer issue #3460A regular column dealing with the latest corporate news and market analysis throughout federation space.

When is a bank not a bank?
By Florent Olivier

Headquartered in Yulai X, DED Assembly Plant the Gallente Federal Bank is one of the smaller but most forward looking financial institutions that you will currently find. It's main areas of interest have traditionally been the industrial and engineering sectors but in recent times a significant shift towards active participation in the defence sector has been noted. Gradually GFB has acquired controlling interests in several strategic, production and research facilities. Due to downturns in various markets these facilities were sliding into bankruptcy and corporate oblivion. With any other investment partner these failing facilities would certainly have faced the prospect of asset stripping and liquidation. Instead, the board of GFB under the personal advisement of CEO Felaste D'Lucare took the visionary decision to consolidate these assets into a single more profitable organisation operating under the GFB banner to be run for the benefit of all existing creditors (of which GFB was the largest).

Most market analysts have speculated that as this 'corporation within a corporation' becomes larger and more profitable, there will be pressure on GFB to cut it loose and float it as an independent entity. However, this analyst believes that we may in fact see something completely the opposite occurring. The recently publicised R&D investments, system wide reports of expanded mining activities, steady production of the notable Ishtar heavy assault cruiser and appointment of the infamous Debovine as COO could, when taken together in context, be seen as a wholly metamorphic event. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that GFB will soon, if it hasn't already, become a bank in name only. It's distinguished record as an investment bank cannot be disputed but the profitability of this new venture looks set to far surpass any of their previous enterprises. There has been unanimous and public commitment from the board to the vision of Felaste D'Lucare and, given time and space to grow, GFB has the potential to emerge as a serious player in the defence sector. Investors with an interest in this market area should watch the situation closely and be prepared to act quickly in response to any further developments.

[editorial comment : Shortly after publication of this article, unconfirmed rumours have surfaced that GFB spokesperson Jinx Barker is preparing to announce that GFB will indeed be divesting itself of all other interests and refocusing entirely as a defence contractor specialising in the production of advanced military technology. Further rumours that this information came to light only as the result of an undercover reporter posing as an exotic dancer in a 'bar' frequented by Mr Barker are also as yet unconfirmed.]

End of article

Article Provided courtesy of: Bael Lightstorm

Sunday, February 19, 2006

100 Million ISK Signature Contest

I was rather bored last week, so I have decided to run a signature contest for Jinx. The winner would recieve a sizable reward and Jinx would get a decent set of signatures. I shall post in the few days the winning siggies.

Insta-Jumps and Safe-Spots

BOOKMARKS! The number one lifesaver in eve! Take a fast frigate or a shuttle, map your insta-jumps all the way to your destination. Make sure you have folders for each route, and keep everything well labelled. On the other hand, if you ever come across a full Regional insta-jump sets, best way to keep it organised is by Region Name in your PnP folder, where each folder is named after a Region and all bookmarks are contained therewith.

SAFESPOTS, a number two lifesaver in EVE. For those that don't know, a SFAESPOT is basically just an empty piece of space. To make one, simply go into warp, create a bookmark on the way, and warp back to it.

The only way to crack a SAFESPOT is with scan probes, which in my experience don't work unless you are AFK. If you think someone is probing, make a few other SAFESPOTS and cycle between them every 5 minutes.

To sum up, if you think someone is chasing you, get to your SAFESPOT ASAP. Do not go to a planet, and never ever go to a moon! It will take a matter of minutes to find someone at a planet, and people put POS's at moons (if you are in .4 or bellow), if this means making SAFESPOTS on the fly, that’s cool. Jump around belts until you have one setup.

And finally, your home! In the systems that you use most often, don’t use gate-to-gate bookmarks. Or you will have to go to one gate, to get to another Instead, take them from your POS/safe spot to the gate. In other words, when in times of war always warp to a SAFESPOT and from the safespot warp to an appropriate gate – and again, make sure you have the route Insta-Jumped!

As most things in life, experience is the biggest teacher. So I really recommend going out there and having a shot yourself at making bookmarks.

Making a Safe Spot:

Have your scanner open. Open PnP/People & Places Folder. Remember that bookmark is not made until you actually press OK.

Warp from a Planet/Moon/Belt/Your Current Position “A” to your destination “B” (again, it can be a moon, gate, belt etc…). Watch your scanner, and keep in mind that you are flying in a straight line. You are NOT safe yet, not even remotely. As you are flying from point “A” to point “B” – make a random bookmark, somewhere in flight – Make it Point “C”

Next, warp to point “C” and, from there, warp again to point “D” (belt, moon, gate, etc). Make sure your warp path is sufficiently random/in random direction. Make a bookmark somewhere between point “C” and point “D” – make it a point “F”. The bookmark that you have just made – can be used a safespot, since it is in the middle of nowhere, and you can only be located via Scan Probes. Now, you MUST have at least 3 or 4 SAFESPOTS in the system where you plan to operate. This will allow you to cycle through your SAFESPOTS, warp from one to another every few minutes, preventing an enemy from locating you via scan probes.

You can make your bookmarks/safespots as complex as possible, or as simple as possible. I would recommend complex, obviously. Never make a SAFESPOT in a direct/line of sight/flight between any two celestial objects. They are not safe and you can be located in seconds, w/o any warning. Redundant as it sounds, make at least 3 safespots, more than 3 is preferable! Always cycle through your safespots – never go AFK in one. If you must go AFK, LOG, otherwise you will be found if the covert ops frig is in the area – and they usually are.

A fresh clone has arrived!

Well, a fresh clone has arrived indeed. This is a first entry in the "Barking Mad" blog. More to come, dpending on the situation. At this time, however, I am in the process of learning all the 'ins and outs' of the blog system.

Cheers, for now.