Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Article first published in the Gallente Financial Observer issue #3460A regular column dealing with the latest corporate news and market analysis throughout federation space.

When is a bank not a bank?
By Florent Olivier

Headquartered in Yulai X, DED Assembly Plant the Gallente Federal Bank is one of the smaller but most forward looking financial institutions that you will currently find. It's main areas of interest have traditionally been the industrial and engineering sectors but in recent times a significant shift towards active participation in the defence sector has been noted. Gradually GFB has acquired controlling interests in several strategic, production and research facilities. Due to downturns in various markets these facilities were sliding into bankruptcy and corporate oblivion. With any other investment partner these failing facilities would certainly have faced the prospect of asset stripping and liquidation. Instead, the board of GFB under the personal advisement of CEO Felaste D'Lucare took the visionary decision to consolidate these assets into a single more profitable organisation operating under the GFB banner to be run for the benefit of all existing creditors (of which GFB was the largest).

Most market analysts have speculated that as this 'corporation within a corporation' becomes larger and more profitable, there will be pressure on GFB to cut it loose and float it as an independent entity. However, this analyst believes that we may in fact see something completely the opposite occurring. The recently publicised R&D investments, system wide reports of expanded mining activities, steady production of the notable Ishtar heavy assault cruiser and appointment of the infamous Debovine as COO could, when taken together in context, be seen as a wholly metamorphic event. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that GFB will soon, if it hasn't already, become a bank in name only. It's distinguished record as an investment bank cannot be disputed but the profitability of this new venture looks set to far surpass any of their previous enterprises. There has been unanimous and public commitment from the board to the vision of Felaste D'Lucare and, given time and space to grow, GFB has the potential to emerge as a serious player in the defence sector. Investors with an interest in this market area should watch the situation closely and be prepared to act quickly in response to any further developments.

[editorial comment : Shortly after publication of this article, unconfirmed rumours have surfaced that GFB spokesperson Jinx Barker is preparing to announce that GFB will indeed be divesting itself of all other interests and refocusing entirely as a defence contractor specialising in the production of advanced military technology. Further rumours that this information came to light only as the result of an undercover reporter posing as an exotic dancer in a 'bar' frequented by Mr Barker are also as yet unconfirmed.]

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