Friday, September 12, 2008

Ohhhh Goodies... Black Ops Level 4... erhmm.. WTF...

Anyhow, just a short update, since if you look at JB's skills you will see that I am somewhat anal when it comes to keeping him trim and nice. So, we can't have any skills bellow L4, or L5. And, Black Ops was the last skill at L1 since my hiatus. 

By the way, by the time it finishes I should be well on the way to 57 Mill SP... I am thinking of buying a Fedo when I reach 60. Too Bad CCP does not allow us to have them. 

I will update again on a project I have been supporting for close to two years now - those of you who frequent EVE-O forums would probably know it. But, anyway, just tootles for now.