Friday, June 16, 2006


Well, after a long while I am finally able to fly a 'HAC' or Heavy Assult Cruiser. This thing eats through missions like a hot knife through butter, simply amazing.

Bellow are some specs:

Hull: Caracal Class
Role: Heavy Assault Ship
No cruiser currently in existence can match the superiority
of the Cerberus's onboard missile system. With a
well-trained pilot jacked in, this fanged horror is capable of
unleashing a hail of missiles to send even the most
seasoned armor tankers running for cover.
Developer: Lai Dai
Moving away from their traditionally balanced all-round
designs, Lai Dai have created a very specialized - and
dangerous - missile boat in the Cerberus. Many have
speculated that due to recent friction between Caldari
megacorporations, LD may be looking to beef up their own
police force with these missile-spewing monstrosities.

Caldari Cruiser Skill Bonus:
5% bonus to Kinetic Missile

damage and 10% bonus to Missile velocity per level

Heavy Assault Ship Skill Bonus:
10% bonus Light and

Heavy Missile flight time and 5% bonus to Missile Launcher
rate of fire per level

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