Sunday, February 19, 2006

Insta-Jumps and Safe-Spots

BOOKMARKS! The number one lifesaver in eve! Take a fast frigate or a shuttle, map your insta-jumps all the way to your destination. Make sure you have folders for each route, and keep everything well labelled. On the other hand, if you ever come across a full Regional insta-jump sets, best way to keep it organised is by Region Name in your PnP folder, where each folder is named after a Region and all bookmarks are contained therewith.

SAFESPOTS, a number two lifesaver in EVE. For those that don't know, a SFAESPOT is basically just an empty piece of space. To make one, simply go into warp, create a bookmark on the way, and warp back to it.

The only way to crack a SAFESPOT is with scan probes, which in my experience don't work unless you are AFK. If you think someone is probing, make a few other SAFESPOTS and cycle between them every 5 minutes.

To sum up, if you think someone is chasing you, get to your SAFESPOT ASAP. Do not go to a planet, and never ever go to a moon! It will take a matter of minutes to find someone at a planet, and people put POS's at moons (if you are in .4 or bellow), if this means making SAFESPOTS on the fly, that’s cool. Jump around belts until you have one setup.

And finally, your home! In the systems that you use most often, don’t use gate-to-gate bookmarks. Or you will have to go to one gate, to get to another Instead, take them from your POS/safe spot to the gate. In other words, when in times of war always warp to a SAFESPOT and from the safespot warp to an appropriate gate – and again, make sure you have the route Insta-Jumped!

As most things in life, experience is the biggest teacher. So I really recommend going out there and having a shot yourself at making bookmarks.

Making a Safe Spot:

Have your scanner open. Open PnP/People & Places Folder. Remember that bookmark is not made until you actually press OK.

Warp from a Planet/Moon/Belt/Your Current Position “A” to your destination “B” (again, it can be a moon, gate, belt etc…). Watch your scanner, and keep in mind that you are flying in a straight line. You are NOT safe yet, not even remotely. As you are flying from point “A” to point “B” – make a random bookmark, somewhere in flight – Make it Point “C”

Next, warp to point “C” and, from there, warp again to point “D” (belt, moon, gate, etc). Make sure your warp path is sufficiently random/in random direction. Make a bookmark somewhere between point “C” and point “D” – make it a point “F”. The bookmark that you have just made – can be used a safespot, since it is in the middle of nowhere, and you can only be located via Scan Probes. Now, you MUST have at least 3 or 4 SAFESPOTS in the system where you plan to operate. This will allow you to cycle through your SAFESPOTS, warp from one to another every few minutes, preventing an enemy from locating you via scan probes.

You can make your bookmarks/safespots as complex as possible, or as simple as possible. I would recommend complex, obviously. Never make a SAFESPOT in a direct/line of sight/flight between any two celestial objects. They are not safe and you can be located in seconds, w/o any warning. Redundant as it sounds, make at least 3 safespots, more than 3 is preferable! Always cycle through your safespots – never go AFK in one. If you must go AFK, LOG, otherwise you will be found if the covert ops frig is in the area – and they usually are.

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