Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Red Moon Rising & Jump-Clones

Advent of RMR (Red Moon Rising) has brought us the next stage of capsuleer technology: Rapid Fleet Deployment. By combining advancements in pod and cloning technology, pilots are now able to "jump" instantaneously between clones without sacrificing skill points but leave the enhanced benefit of implants behind, provided that the clones are exact replicas of the originating specimen. This capability will facilitate the rapid transport and deployment of pilots to specially equipped "receiving" capital ships on or near the battlefield, irrespective of the pilot's current physical location.

Jumping to stations is also possible but Faction owned stations do not allow jumping to them unless the minimum 8.0 corporation and personal standings requirements are met. One thing to remember is that the owner of Outposts and Conquerable Stations control standings prerequisites. Only one (1) jump per 24 hours is allowed to prevent serious mental and physical harm to the mind and bodies. You have to have visited the location you want to jump to and install a clone there.

So, a little while ago I have gone out to a friend’s corporation and had installed four Jump-Clones myself. The restrictions placed on Jump-Clone installations are rather arduous. Not only must a pilot have an 8.0 standing with the clone-issuing corporation, the corporation to which the aforementioned pilot belongs must have at least an 8.0 standing. Thankfully my friend is running a “one-man show”, and has a high standing, above 8.0 with Federation Navy. It helped quite a bit to have my own standing with Federation Authorities of above 8.0.

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