Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Signature Contest Update:

As I have planned, here is an update on my signature contest. It wound up costing me a bit more than I have anticipated, but I think it was well worth it. The contest itself lasted for little over a week, due to some problems with EVE-Online website.

The Grand Prize winner has developed a very uncomplicated and smart signature. He was able to utilise humour and JB's insanity in a very simple but elegant form. At the same time he achieved a perfect balance between words and images. I liked the incorporation of pastel colours in combination with the retro Sci-Fi theme.

Winter Star won Grand Prize for the “An Accident Waiting To Happen” Signature.

The 2nd Prize-Winner has submitted a number of unique and riveting designs. He relied more on JB's obsession with cybernetics than retro Sci-Fi. He captured my desire to enhance JB with some mechanical uniqueness. As a result he chose to concentrate on the dichotomy of Man vs. Machine.

Traiben Mightius won Second Prize for the "Jinx Barker: Man or Machine?" Signature.

The 3rd Prize-Winner used a style ala The Goldmember, combining it with some other provided material. In this case Brother Benthor decided to incorporate a neo-retro style with Frankenstein.

Brother Benthor took the 3rd Prize, for "It's Aliveeeee!!" Signature.

And finally, Traiben Mightius for the “Rocket Man” Signature took the 4th prize.

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