Thursday, October 23, 2008

CCP New Low....

CCP Wrangler Recently Posted this: 
"It's time for another Live Dev Blog and this time we're introducing CCP t0rfifrans. CCP t0rfifrans started as Lead 3D Artist but is now the Senior Producer for EVE Online and will answer all your EVE related questions and as always the Live Dev Blog will be hosted by Mindstar. This event will take place on Thursday, 23rd October, in the in-game channel "Live Dev Blog". It starts at 20:00 GMT and lasts for about one hour.

To ask your questions, please post them in this thread!"

Update: Unfortunately we just heard that CCP t0rfifrans is unable to make it for this Live Dev Blog. CCP Zulupark, Associate Producer and Content Director, will take his place. As CCP Zulupark reports directly to CCP t0rfifrans he will be able to answer all your questions just as well."

I have replied to the "update" 
"Shocking... please tell me you fired him, or at least that he had to "go to the rehab" and he is very sorry about unauthorized dev blogs about removal of "Ghost Training" and he will get all the help he needs to come back better than ever!

Hey, it works for the USA politicians when they f**k up - its REHAB TIME!!!!"

Full image of my response - and now deleted post can be seen by clicking this link: POST Image

I have received a 14 day BAN from posting from CCP/EVE Online - Stating that I personally attacked CCP T0rfifrans!!! My POST WAS NOT CENSORED - IT WAS DELETED BY CCP. Not only that - but I have not even used foul language in that post to raise the flags, I self censored the 4 letter word with the stars myself. 

So it is now a crime on forums to even suggest that CCP fire one of its employees for incompetence, it is now a PERSONAL ATTACK. CCP is going all out to stifle any piercing descent from its new "hard line" views. Using humor is now outlawed as well.

It is a crime, ladies and gentlemen, to use a little humor, because to suggest that in order to cover up their misdeeds CCP will send one of its employees to the fictional rehab is A PERSONAL ATTACK.  

CCP sinking pretty low - I fully intend to file a complaint with the CCPs IA department - and if any CSM should read my blog, you guys should think as to what is happening. 

If any of the sensible people read my blogs,  I would ask that is brought to CSM attention as well. 


PsycheDiver said...

I don't know man. That's a pretty scetchy thing to say.

Jinx Barker said...

Perhaps it is "sketchy" but when compared to what rest of the people been saying about T0rfi, this was a praise.

While others are actually calling for his blood - while remaining uncensured - I get banned from EVE forums..... for posting a sarcastic remark comparing T0rfi to the corrupt US politician - while at the same time self censoring the "fuck" word with stars.

As you well know the word filter on forums would block the whole thing - should I have used the real expletive.

By the same token CCP should ban people who say "GTFO" - as it can be seen as "personal" attack.

CCP Wrangler the 2nd. said...

Well Jinx, you were banned because you made a superb comment. Abolutly it is on the edge but stays very civil so they might have been just so fucked that they must banned you. Heads up!

Anonymous said...


Second World War German subs often could dive way deeper than what was expected. It seems you share that trait CCP.

Their current technical team for the client is a shame. The design team is a bad joke and doesn't understand the most basic mechanisms of the product. PR seems to be absent. Management? I guess they have to survive with what leftovers they get from that other MMO in the works.

I can't wait to see someone with "CCP" in their resume. Or that a friend tells me one has landed in their HR dept. That is going to be fun.